Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Temperature Tests

In the next round of testing I selected 3 stains and made samples fired at 100° F increments from 800° F to 1400°F. The kiln was held at the temperature indicated for 20 minutes. This test reveals how temperature effects the silver stain reaction. The sweet spot appears to take place between 1000° F & 1100°F. In the images below, the upper row of tiles are the tin side of float glass and the lower row are Lambert's glass. The first tile in each group was left unfired. At temperatures above 1300°F the clay body in the stain began to fuse to the glass which accounts for the dark tiles. None of the 1400°F tiles are transparent as the clay body could not be removed. The additional tiles in the 1000°F range are discussed in the next entry.

REUSCHE D292465 (Amber H465)

REUSCHE 1383 (Orange #2)

REUSCHE 1384 (Yellow#3)

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