Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Temperature Test - Hold Time

Firing slower or holding for a longer time at temperature will also have an effect. These samples were fired to 1000°F. The left sample was held for 20 minutes; the right was held for 6 hours.

REUSCHE D292465 (Amber H465) on Float (Tin side)
REUSCHE D292465 (Amber H465) on LAMBERTS

REUSCHE 1383 (Orange #2) on Float (Tin side)

REUSCHE 1383 (Orange #2) on LAMBERTS

REUSCHE 1384 (Yellow #3) on Float (Tin side)

REUSCHE 1384 (Yellow #3) on LAMBERTS

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  1. Wow, just found your blog - what an incredible resource...thank you so much for sharing.

    And the V&A images are fantastic too!